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Soft Tissue Therapists treat clients who have musculoskeletal injury, pain or dysfunction caused by any of life’s stresses and from all walks of life.

There are numerous benefits of soft tissue therapy. The best way to understand  them is to hear from people that have had treatment:

“I’ve suffered with knee problems for many years.  Viv had the ability to look at my injury holistically i.e. how it impacted my whole body, as well as in isolation.  The result of this was that she helped release tensions that had built up in other areas of my body that I was not necessarily aware of.  Resolving pain across my whole body has significantly improved the main issues I have with my knee.  I’d recommend Viv to anyone, she really does have magic hands!!!CP

“Since seeing Viv three weeks ago for my first session I have to say I’ve been amazed at the benefits of one session alone! Every time I ran, no matter the distance I would feel a very tight pain in my knee that would occasionally I’d need to stop for – even wearing a knee support wasn’t really helping as it only reduced the pain, not removed it. After one session with Viv I have managed to run without any pain at all, including two new PBs! As I haven’t changed my running technique, I will go back to her but to be honest it feels great for days afterwards knowing that all the knots are out my legs! Thanks Viv!” SS

“After having problems with my Achilles and this starting to impede my running, I decided to go to Viv to see what could be done about them.  After only a couple of sessions with Viv and making sure I do the exercises that she gave me my Achilles are back in a great state and I have been running quite a few PB’s since.” BN

“As a newcomer to massage therapy I was quite anxious before my first session, Viv’s friendly and professional style relaxed me completely.  During the therapy Viv takes the time to explain why she is doing each technique and listens to me as regards where I feel pain when exercising and during the therapy. She also helps me with exercises I can perform at home between therapies as maintenance.   I have no hesitation in recommending her.” MP

“I have had 2 injuries which needed massage therapy so I went to see Viv. The first was plantar fasciitis which impacted my running. Viv found all sorts of knots and tightness I didn’t even know were there and could also tell me of historical problems I had forgotten about! She managed to work out the knots so I could return to running quickly. More recently I pulled a lumbar muscle in my back so I went to see her again to ‘get repaired’. Again, it was a fast recovery. I’m convinced her manipulation helped enormously so I would highly recommend her. I also think it’s worth going even when you’re not injured – kind of like getting a tune-up!” JB

“Previous experience of massage had made me nervous, but Viv was very considerate of this, and gave me the best massage I have had!” DB

“Viv has helped me to increase the range of movement in my shoulders and got me to realise that I need to focus more effort on the maintenance of upper body to have the freedom of movement in my lower body.” PA

“After having problems with my Achilles and Hamstring which stopped my desk to 5k before it even started. I was recommended go to Viv to see if she could help sort me out.  After only a few sessions with Viv and making sure I do all the exercises that she has given me my Achilles and Hamstring are back in a good state and I look forward to starting running again” DL

“Thank you for yesterday. Of all the people I’ve seen, that felt like the most in-depth analysis I’ve had so far. I’m feeling hopeful that I’ll get back into running soon.” AG

“My last 3 runs have all been for 4 miles  which is a huge achievement for me, given that I struggled to get to 2 in the past without having some severe pain. I’d like to say thank you for the guidance, help and enthusiasm you have shown to tackle the problem” AG

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