Running coach


Have you been thinking about starting running but not sure how or not confident to go out on your own yet? Do you need some help with motivation? Or have you been running a while but want to improve your speed, step up your distance or just stop getting injured?

I am  a qualified  England Athletics Coach in Running Fitness and have been leading and coaching runners since 2014.

Running can help you increase your physical and mental fitness, make new friends and feel more confident, but many people get injured too early in their running journey, give up and think it’s not for them. But it can be, as long as you approach it carefully and don’t measure yourself compared to others.

I can help with a carefully structured beginners plan, running assessment, exercises and advice to strengthen and improve your technique and avoid injury. I can even buddy up if you would like someone to help make sure you get out the door for that run!

My knowledge of the body and how it works helps me understand how runners can be limited by their flexibility, balance, strength and the compensations that develop.  These prevent runners get the full benefits of programmes that focus on drills or technique changes alone. Coupling coaching with soft tissue therapy provides an all-round package to get your body working in the way it is designed.

Please contact me know if you would like to find out more.

Below are some testimonials from runners.

“I love my running and I love challenging myself to run faster, Viv’s coaching sessions have enabled me to work on my speed and stamina in a well organised way.  As a result of these sessions I have recently run quite a few PB’s in 5k and 10k races.  I have also signed up to a half marathon next year due to the confidence I am getting in my running through these sessions.” BN

“I have regularly attended Viv’s mixed ability training sessions for just under a year and the difference in my running has been incredible.  I was an enthusiastic plodder before joining Viv’s sessions and now can safely call myself a ‘runner’.  The sessions are great fun, very friendly and provide a lot of variety so although I am pushing myself to run faster I can honestly say I enjoy every minute of it and look forward to it each week.”  MB

“I have been attending Viv’s sessions for around 1 year and have found considerable benefit in my running. She explains the outline of each session before we start and takes the time to encourage and praise each participant.   Viv mixes up each session so we don’t have much repetition, they are all tough and it would be extremely mentally challenging to replicate them by myself, but they are designed to encourage participants to push themselves. The sessions are designed so that fast and slow participants can compete together without an obvious hierarchy of abilities.” MP

“I very much enjoy the mixed ability training sessions. They have improved my running technique and fitness and also it’s an opportunity to mix with so many other runners at Ordnance Survey.” AJ

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