New Year. New Decade …

Great New Year’s Eve and beginning to the New Year and decade. We decided to spend New Year’s Eve indoors with a nice fish pie, bottle of wine, and a film.

We had started the day by dropping Amy at the station, then went for a swim and then a trip to town. Anyway back to evening. Den found a couple of left over Christmas crackers – but only one joke between them. It’s an old joke, you’ll know the answer he said as he asked ‘What lies shivering at the bottom of the sea?’Eventually I got the answer.

Anyway after dinner on to the film – Shawshank Redemption – as usual this resulted in me weeping at the end. We then saw the new year in with Dizzy Rascal, Florence and the Machine and Kasabian (curtesy of Jools Holland) – we provided much appreciated backing with our maracccas. Much appreciated by our neighbours I’m sure. Then we had fireworks (curtesy of one of our neighbours) – brilliant!!  We’re so happy that we’ve got through another year (it was touch an go at some point in June).  Some great things -Laura’s graduation (and 1st) , holiday in Cuba (fantastic).

So now 2010 – New Year’s Day me first out the door and off for a run. Then later a leisurely walk round one of our favourite places – the Test Way Nature Reserve – so lucky to have this on our doorstep.

Then to our favourite pub – The Ship – well what can I say – 2 minutes later home again. I am now 4 pints down on the Fortyniner challenge. 49 pints of Ringwood Fortyniner in my 49th year – so far so good. 45 to go in about as many weeks.

This year so much already to look forward to. Budapest (tomorrow). The Moonwalk in May (26 miles powerwalking – have already started training. Planning a trip to China in September and then in December my 50th birthday – wow – how did that happen? How did it come round so fast? Scary.

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