Viv and Amy Walk the Walk

Well we did it – and in an amazing time! Me and my daughter Amy powerwalked through London through the night in our bras – 26.2 miles in 5 hours and 36 minutes. It was fantastic – walking through London- seeing the landmarks, Big Ben, London Eye, Westminster, lit up accross the Thames- beautiful. Starting in Hyde Park we went through St James Park and followed the Thames through towards the Towerof London, crossing the Thamesand coming back along Albert embankment. We crossed the Thames twice more to walk past BatterseaParkand then around Kensington and Knightsbrige and back to Chelsea Embankment towards Westminster. From there it was back through the parks towards the finish.

Those green lights on our bras certainly got us noticed as we passed the clubbers and, in the early hours of the morning, those queuing for their taxis home! We supported each other and kept smiling through the pain and tiredness to a fantasticly fast last few miles. Someone said we were in the top 20 finishers (of 15 000) – as it is a personal challenge, not a race,and there are no results published we can’t confirm that, but there were certainly not many of us ‘full mooners’ finishing then, although at 22.5 miles we caught up with half mooners (13.1 miles) and had to pick our way through as we were going faster!

We finished elated – it was a fantastic experience for such a worthwhile cause.

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